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 Detailed information about our projects.


"THE LARDER" is a " Food Parcel Service" for anyone who needs it. We can arrange to deliver depending on your circumstances or you can collect the food from our Church premises by appointment.

The service is Fully confidential and FREE. 

Please contact 0208 857 6464 or e-mail jipf2003@yahoo.co.uk for further details.


A Listening Service  designed and offered to anyone who may need Encouragement and Support while experiencing crises in their lives with a back up service in place. This outreach Service is supported by SLAM NHS kings and Mausdley Spiritual and Pastoral Care Team.


Debt Advice If you are experiencing any problems with Debt then we can give you FREE advice.


Pop in  Feel FREE to in come and share a cup of tea and have a friendly Chat or call for Prayers on 0208 857 6464


If you're interested in our work and would like to support us, read about us and  the projects we've contributed to in the past.